Doubtnut is an Indian educational app. It operates as an e-learning platform that enables users to ask study questions in Physics, Chemistry, and Math. The platform uses image recognition technologies to provide solutions to some mathematical and scientific questions. To find the answer to a question, one has to upload an image depicting the question. The app extracts text from the image and tries to match it in its database of pre-answered questions, having recorded video solutions. If it finds a match, the result is provided to the user; otherwise, it asks the user to post their question publicly for tutors available on the platform to provide a video explaining their query.


It raised Rs 224 crore in its latest series B round on Feb 25, 2021. It has reported an estimated revenue of Rs 2 crore in FY21. It was in talks to get acquired by Byju’s in a deal worth $130 million but was later terminated.

Founder's Spotlight

It was founded by Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar. Tanushree Nagori did B.Tech from IIT Delhi. In 2005, she worked in the Admissions office to attract Indian students for the Masters in Management ‘Grand Ecole’ programme. In 2006, she joined RA net India Pvt. Ltd. as an analyst. In 2008, she worked as an analyst at Smartanalyst company. Aditya Shankar did B.Tech from IIT Delhi. In 2006, he joined ZS associates as an associate consultant. In 2008, he founded Om Asthaa, working on infrastructure projects at upcoming power plants. In 2010, he joined Vidya Vihar Alumni Association as a vice chairman executive committee

It has its headquarters located in Gurgaon, Haryana. You can contact them at

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