Dost Education

Dost Education is a platform to expand access to early childhood development in low-resource settings through parent education. Their mission is to unlock children’s full potential by focusing on early learning - the time when 90% of our brains develop. Through simple 1-minute audio messages delivered via phone calls, Dost supports caregivers in creating a stimulating and loving home environment where a child can learn, grow and thrive.

They believe that parents of any literacy level can play a critical role in developing their children’s school and life readiness. In India alone, there are 150 million under-resourced caregivers who can benefit from resources developed for them. The team at Dost Education - educators, entrepreneurs, and engineers - are passionate about using technology and user-centric product design to change the trajectory of families' lives.

Low-income parents are motivated to give their children the best education but struggle to do so, particularly during the early years. Their children enter primary school behind and never have a chance to catch up. The scale of the problem is enormous, especially in India, where there are 150 million illiterate women, and by 5th grade, only half of the children can read at a 2nd-grade level. Neuroscientists and economists agree on a high ROI method to address this cycle of illiteracy: promote early learning experiences at home. Accomplishing this task requires innovation: the millions of kids who need better early learning experiences live in low-income, low-literacy homes.

Since 2017, they've grown from a small pilot with a few hundred mothers to reaching over 100,000 families working with state governments. Some of the best funders in tech and social impact space support them, like Y Combinator, Mulago, and many others. Dost Education values diversity. They do not discriminate based on race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. 

It is a Non-Profit organisation.


It raised $0.03M in its latest funding round on June 18, 2020. It has reported an estimated revenue of $1.3M.

Founder's Spotlight

Sneha Sheth started Dost while completing her MBA at UC Berkeley. She has experience designing programs for women’s empowerment, financial inclusion and education worldwide, including Mumbai, Cairo and Nairobi. In previous roles at Dalberg and Oliver Wyman, she advised clients like Goldman Sachs, the Gates Foundation, Teach For India, and UN Women. She’s currently a Mulago Rainer Arnhold Fellow and Gratitude Network Awardee.

It has its headquarters located in Delhi, India. You can contact them at